Accessory colours
Recommended sizesMax width for module 160 cm - h 5 m

NotesFor the product to work correctly, height must exceed width by at least 15 cm.

VariantsVariant with asymmetric and right/left opening

ModulesModular system

Thanks to its cutting-edge modular pull system it can cover any width.
The specific nature of the system will let you open the mosquito screen at any point and decide which side to leave it idle.

Handle Overall dimensions with 2 handles, 74mm.

Free Slim is equipped with a bar-handle with a practical ergonomic grip along the entire profile, both inside and outside, meaning you can hold it at any point.
To make opening/closing operations even easier a practical handle is provided.

Low runner

The floor runner is only 3 mm thick, eliminating any obstacle when passing, making it easy and safe

OptionalsAdjustable bayonet

A practical accessory to be used if the installation space should be off the square.
In this way you can compensate for a difference of up to 8 mm.

OptionalsCompensation bonnet - upper profile

Compensates for any cutting or space measurement errors of up to 4 mm.

Assembly systemsAssembly / Disassembly

It is possible to remove the mosquito screen without using tools at any time for cleaning operations or due to space requirements.
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